Monday, December 1, 2014

BacterioFiles 193 - Milk Modifies Monkey Microbes

TH17 levels in two groups
(Ardeshir Fig 3)
This episode: Being raised with their mother and breastmilk vs. bottle-fed in a nursery significantly affects macaque microbiomes and their immune system profile!

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Show notes:
News item/Journal Paper

Other interesting stories:
  • Figuring out which gut microbes correlate with susceptibility to C. difficile problems (paper)
  • Phage communities in mouth may be linked to dental health (paper)
  • Fecal transplant restores diverse gut community that looks like donor's (paper)
  • Modified E. coli could help weight loss by reducing appetite (paywall)
  • Bacterial symbionts in mosquitoes could prevent dengue transmission

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