Monday, October 31, 2016

BacterioFiles 274 - Proteobacteria Purify Piscine Pee

Adult female zebrafish
By Azul - Own work, Copyrighted free use
This episode: Bacteria in the gills of fish help break down their metabolic wastes before they reach toxic levels!
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Show notes:
News item

Journal Paper:
van Kessel MAHJ, Mesman RJ, Arshad A, Metz JR, Spanings FAT, van Dalen SCM, van Niftrik L, Flik G, Wendelaar Bonga SE, Jetten MSM, Klaren PHM, Op den Camp HJM. 2016. Branchial nitrogen cycle symbionts can remove ammonia in fish gills. Environ Microbiol Rep 8:590–594.

Other interesting stories:
  • How do microbes live in the harsh conditions of salt-secreting tree leaves? (paper)
  • Bacteria inside fungi affect how they interact with plants (paper)
  • Wolbachia may prevent dengue transmission by affecting mosquito lipids (paper)
  • Effects from fungi in soil can be detected from space
  • Bacterial mosquito symbionts block Zika transmission

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