Monday, October 3, 2016

BacterioFiles 270 - Bacteria Block Bug Babies

Thrips, with fluorescent gut bacteria
Credit: Miranda Whitten
This episode: Insect gut microbes can be engineered to act as birth control, population control, or disease control for bugs!
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Show notes:
News item

This Week in Parasitism episode about Trypanosoma
Unedited statement about this paper from Professor Dyson

Journal Paper:
Whitten MMA, Facey PD, Sol RD, Fernández-Martínez LT, Evans MC, Mitchell JJ, Bodger OG, Dyson PJ. 2016. Symbiont-mediated RNA interference in insects. Proc R Soc B 283:20160042.

Other interesting stories:
  • Various different yeasts help make coffee and chocolate
  • Maybe treating endangered animals for parasites is not a good idea
  • Empty virus could be useful for carrying things to specific places
  • Fungus treatment could help make more environment-friendly fiberboard (paper)
  • Algae can count how many times they've divided

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