Monday, October 24, 2016

BacterioFiles 273 - Bottle-Biting Bacteria

Ideonella azotifigens cells
This episode: Newly discovered bacteria can break down especially long-lived type of plastic!
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Show notes:
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Journal Paper:
Yoshida S, Hiraga K, Takehana T, Taniguchi I, Yamaji H, Maeda Y, Toyohara K, Miyamoto K, Kimura Y, Oda K. 2016. A bacterium that degrades and assimilates poly(ethylene terephthalate). Science 351:1196–1199.

Other interesting stories:
  • Worms may help gut health by modifying microbe community
  • Figuring out how breastmilk helps babies' microbes
  • Gut bacteria can affect fruit fly reproduction (paper)
  • Bacteria can crawl along and kill fungal filaments (paper)
  • Feeding mice fiber for bacteria increases their anti-inflammatory effect (paper)

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