Monday, October 10, 2016

BacterioFiles 271 - Dictyostelium Delivers DNA Deathtraps

Sentinel cells fluorescing green
Credit: Xuezhi Zhang
This episode: Slime molds have special cells that capture and kill bacteria using traps made of DNA!
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Show notes:
Follow-up study from ep 255 group related to this study

Link to Audiommunity episode about Neutrophil Extracellular Traps

Journal Paper:
Zhang X, Zhuchenko O, Kuspa A, Soldati T. 2016. Social amoebae trap and kill bacteria by casting DNA nets. Nat Commun 7:10938.

Other interesting stories:
  • Making E. coli produce propane fuel (paper)
  • Bacteria can convert algae directly into ethanol (paper)
  • Certain chronic virus infections could indicate your family history
  • Viruses can transfer pigment production ability between bacteria
  • Different sizes of bacteria impose different limitations

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