Monday, May 22, 2017

BacterioFiles 294 - Bacteria Benefit Bad Burns

Lactobacillus plantarum colonies
Donald Breakwell et al. 2007. 
This episode: Probiotic bacteria prevent deadly infections in mice with serious burns!

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Show notes:
Journal Paper:
Argenta A, Satish L, Gallo P, Liu F, Kathju S. 2016. Local Application of Probiotic Bacteria Prophylaxes against Sepsis and Death Resulting from Burn Wound Infection. PLOS ONE 11:e0165294.

Other interesting stories:
  • Bacteria can help cotton plants tolerate salt (paper)
  • Fiber stops microbes from eating protective gut mucus
  • Potential new antibiotics predicted and discovered in human microbes
  • Bacteria communicate to work together against viruses
  • Root bacteria help protect plants against arsenic and infections

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    1. After researching Lactobacillus a little more, I learned that it has many healing properties when taken as a probiotic. Why do you think that there is still an over abundance of antibiotic use when probiotics can have similar healing properties?

      1. Good question... there could be a number of factors involved, including shelf life (probiotics have to remain alive until taken and survive in the body until they reach their destination), variability (harder to prove that a bunch of bacteria are going to have the desired effect), and such. Also many studies of probiotic benefits are much more equivocal than this one.