Monday, May 1, 2017

BacterioFiles 291 - Pseudomonas Cyanide Supplies Seed Sustenance

Cyanide ion
This episode: Cyanide-producing bacteria help plants grow, not by harming pathogens but by freeing up nutrients!

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Show notes:
Journal Paper:
Rijavec T, Lapanje A. 2016. Hydrogen Cyanide in the Rhizosphere: Not Suppressing Plant Pathogens, but Rather Regulating Availability of Phosphate. Front Microbiol 7

Other interesting stories:
  • Pooling samples from multiple donors could help fecal transplant effectiveness (paper)
  • Phage-resistant bacteria can become vulnerable by taking up sensitive genes
  • How mice are handled affects results of mouse gut microbe studies (paper)
  • Bacteria communicate with electrical signals
  • Shrubland plants and microbes always negotiating

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