Monday, September 5, 2016

BacterioFiles 266 - Solar Cyborg Cells Capture Carbon

From: Jiang, B., Henstra, A.M., Paulo, P.L., Balk, M., Van Doesburg, W., and Stams, A.J.M. (2009) Atypical one-carbon metabolism of an acetogenic and hydrogenogenic Moorella thermoacetica strain. Archives of Microbiology 191: 123-131.
Cells of Moorella thermoacetica
forming spores in culture
This episode: Adding exotic elements to convert spore-forming bacteria into light-capturing cyborgs that convert carbon dioxide into useful chemicals!
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Show notes:
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Journal Paper:
Sakimoto KK, Wong AB, Yang P. 2016. Self-photosensitization of nonphotosynthetic bacteria for solar-to-chemical production. Science 351:74–77.

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