Monday, August 29, 2016

BacterioFiles 265 - Predator Protein Protects Predator

By flickr user AJC1 - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0,
Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
attacking prey bacterium
This episode: Predatory bacteria have a particular protein that protects them from their own prey-damaging enzymes!
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Show notes:
News item

Journal Paper:
Lambert C, Cadby IT, Till R, Bui NK, Lerner TR, Hughes WS, Lee DJ, Alderwick LJ, Vollmer W, Sockett RE, Lovering AL. 2015. Ankyrin-mediated self-protection during cell invasion by the bacterial predator Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus. Nat Commun 6:8884.

Other interesting stories:
  • Bacterial proteins could be used to break open cells upon command
  • Animal gut fungi could break down plant material for biofuels
  • Fungal partners help determine which trees can grow in a forest
  • Parasitic fungi contribute to ocean algae turnover (paper)
  • Fungus in tree inhibits other fungi and plants (paper)

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