Monday, April 18, 2016

BacterioFiles 248 - Tiny Travelers Transport Toxin Trashers

Swarming P. vortex (red)
carrying cargo (green).
Finkelshtein et al. 2015
This episode: Bacteria that swarm around in groups carry other bacteria with them that can be helpful for degrading toxins!

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Show notes:
Journal Paper/Explanatory video

Other interesting stories:
  • Bacterium can help biofuel-producing algae grow better (paper)
  • Super-tolerant yeasts found in high volcanic place in super-dry desert (paper)
  • Bacteria living in even non-legume plants (like rice) could fix nitrogen for their host
  • Algae are becoming more popular as alternative protein in food
  • Microbiome resistance to C. difficile infection depends on many bacteria together

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