Monday, December 4, 2017

BacterioFiles 319 - Mycelial Moisture Magnanimity

By: Worrich et al. 2017, Nat Commun
CC-BY 4.0
This episode: Filament network-forming organisms like fungi can transfer nutrients and moisture to bacteria in harsher conditions!

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Show notes:
Microbe of the episode: Desulfuromonas acetoxidans

News item

Journal Paper:
Worrich A, Stryhanyuk H, Musat N, König S, Banitz T, Centler F, Frank K, Thullner M, Harms H, Richnow H-H, Miltner A, Kästner M, Wick LY. 2017. Mycelium-mediated transfer of water and nutrients stimulates bacterial activity in dry and oligotrophic environments. Nat Commun 8:ncomms15472.

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