Monday, June 12, 2017

BacterioFiles 297 - Defenders Develop Disease Decrease

C. elegans roundworm
By Bob Goldstein, CC BY-SA 3.0
This episode: Beneficial microbes defend roundworms against a pathogen and pressure it to evolve to cause less disease!

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Show notes:
News item

Journal Paper:
Ford SA, Kao D, Williams D, King KC. 2016. Microbe-mediated host defence drives the evolution of reduced pathogen virulence. Nat Commun 7:13430.

Other interesting stories:
  • Fungus eats dead insects and keeps bacterial competitors away (paper)
  • Soil microbes are better for green roof soils than chemical fertilizers
  • Soil microbes make tuberculosis-treating chemicals
  • Parkinson's and treatments can have detectable effects on microbiome
  • Aspergillus fungi have a lot of potential uses

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