Monday, December 5, 2016

BacterioFiles 279 - Hijacker Heightened Hyphal Heterogeneity

Spore-forming fungus
This episode: Fungi control their cell's growth and division with a protein from a virus, unlike all other kinds of eukaryote!
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Show notes:
News item

Journal Paper:
Medina EM, Turner JJ, Gordân R, Skotheim JM, Buchler NE. 2016. Punctuated evolution and transitional hybrid network in an ancestral cell cycle of fungi. eLife 5:e09492.

Other interesting stories:
  • Certain starch may help improve gut community
  • Gut bacteria could control insect pests
  • Pathogen produces anti-microbial compounds (paper)
  • Phage feeds on host bacterium's RNA
  • Studying tiny archaea from Yellowstone

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