Monday, May 23, 2016

BacterioFiles 252 - Small Cells Supervise Circadian Cycles

This episode: In mice, high-fat diets affect their gut microbes, which in turn disrupts their circadian cycles and metabolic health!

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Show notes:
News item
Journal Paper:
Leone, V. et al. Effects of Diurnal Variation of Gut Microbes and High-Fat Feeding on Host Circadian Clock Function and Metabolism. Cell Host and Microbe 17, 681–689 (2015).

Other related news item/paper

Other interesting stories:
  • Fungi could help clean up lead pollution (paper)
  • Fungi growing on rocks in driest desert (paper)
  • Probiotic bacterium inhibited pathogenic bacteria in chickens (paper)
  • Bacteria survive just from very small amounts of hydrogen
  • Developing ways to monitor microbial catalysts

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