Monday, July 13, 2015

BacterioFiles 221 - Co-culture Close Contact, Cats, and Cockerels

More related than some bacteria
This episode: More distantly related bacteria can help each other grow (and produce lots of hydrogen) by temporarily fusing with each other!

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Show notes:
News item/Journal Paper
Bacterial close contact
Note: I said C. acetobutylicum was used in WWII to make acetone for bombs, but it was actually World War I, used to make cordite, a replacement for gunpowder.

Other interesting stories:
  • Gut microbes can affect brain's defensive barrier in mice
  • Getting E. coli to produce higher amounts of nice-smelling biofuel compounds
  • Using fungi to control avocado-damaging pests
  • Bacterial proteins used to modify human cells' immune signaling (paper)
  • Worm gut bacteria could help degrade plastic waste

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