Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BacterioFiles Introduction


I'm Jesse, a former undergraduate not-yet-graduate student of microbiology. I have several years of lab experience, mostly in soil microbial ecology.

Just this past spring I discovered science podcasts. There are links to some of the best and/or most relevant in the sidebar. While, in general, the phenomenon of science podcasts is awesome, there just aren't enough good microbiology shows. I intend to help solve this problem.

My plan for BacterioFiles is a podcast of microbiology news, focusing mainly on bacteria and archaea, but I'm willing to include fungi, viruses, and other eukaryotic microbes if I find fantastic stories.

I'm not sure how regular it will be: weekly, bimonthly, monthly... We'll see. I'm thinking about doing the three best recent stories each podcast, and then I might add something like a Featured Microbe or answer a question from a listener at some point.

I'm working on the site, the music, and the story sources right now. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or question, I want to hear them. Email them to me at bacteriofiles at gmail dot com.

-Jesse Noar

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  1. Once more an excellent podcast. The first story sounds like microbe-transormers!