Monday, November 23, 2015

BacterioFiles 239 - Familial Pheromones Fight faecalis

Just to let you know, I'm trying to finish up my dissertation and graduate in the next few months, so after episode 240, I will be putting the show on hold, at least for a few weeks (but not forever). I'll be sure to bring back some good content after I am done feeling so crunched for time though.

This episode: Gut bacteria kill their drug-resistant pathogenic cousins of the same species via pheromone signaling!

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Show notes:
News item/Journal Paper

Other interesting stories:
  • Bacterial compound could inhibit biofilms but not their builders
  • Microbial engineering could free us from petroleum products
  • Studying the immune regulation roles of mouse gut microbes (paper)
  • Finding useful cold- and warm-adapted algae by season (paper)
  • Powerful swimming microbe creates crystals of cells

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