Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesome Microbe Video, and Virus Podcast

Watch Man-Controlled Bacteria Build A Nanoscale Pyramid

Here's a link to an article on it.
Also, if you want to listen to an incredibly interesting podcast about viruses, go here:

Meet the Scientist: Curtis Suttle - It's a Virus World and We Just Live On It

It includes such tidbits as "If all the viruses in the ocean were placed end to end, they would stretch 7 million light years." Wow.
Episode 9 comes out next weekend. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

BacterioFiles Episode 8

In this show, I report on four exciting stories: a plant-fungus symbiosis, making algae make medicine, fighting cancer with a virus, and making biofuels out of wood scraps.

(Image credit: Beth Rasala, UCSD)

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Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Ending Comments

Show notes:
Story 1: News item
Story 2: News item/Journal paper
Story 3: News item 1/News item 2/Journal paper
Story 4: News item/Journal paper

Other interesting stories:
**A bleeding glacier
**The search for quantum behavior in viruses

Post questions or comments here or email to bacteriofiles at gmail dot com. Thanks for listening!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

BacterioFiles Episode 7

In this show, I report on five exciting stories: a bacterial electric grid, engineering biofilms, beewolves that use antibiotics, tiny bacterial magnets, and microbial life's potential on Mars.

(Image credit: Johannes Kroiss and Martin Kaltenpoth, MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena)